Sample Pack

Sample Pack


An additional $10 packing fee per order for insulated box and gel packs will be included in the shipping costs at checkout.

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Each sample pack includes: 3 oz. jar of Cherry Smoked Lobster, 3 oz. jar of Hickory Smoked Lobster, 3 oz. jar of Cherry Smoked Lobster Dip, 3 oz. jar of Hickory Smoked Lobster Dip.

Lobsters are caught, steamed and picked in one day, lobsters are then brined in a solution overnight. The brine adds to the product’s shelf life and we think it gives the lobster a little sweeter taste. The next day the meat is smoked over hickory or cherry wood chips, then packed in oil or combined with cream cheese to make our spread. Perfect for hors d’oeuvres!

To ship, we pack your order in an insulated shipping container with gel packs. Our smoked lobster and spread have a 30-day shelf life.

Price does not include shipping cost or a $10 packing fee per order for the insulated box and gel packs.