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I’ve been enjoying using Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster for years now in a lot of applications. The quality of the lobster is second to none & the taste is out of this world. The flavors it helps create & build are really unique, it is great ingredient to use either by itself or in different dishes.
— Andrew Mcclure | senior executive chef at flick Hospitality Group | Boston
The Haven Restaurant, Vinalhaven

The Haven Restaurant, Vinalhaven

Love this smoked lobster! I have used it in many appetizer and entree applications. If I could think of a way to use it in desserts, I would. I have used all of the smoked lobster products, either on their own, in salads, in stuffing, with fish, veal, chicken, eggs and in/with pasta. My favorite is the cherry smoked (often in my refrigerator, at home), but all of the products are delicious.
— Torry Pratt | chef and owner at The Haven Restaurant | Vinalhaven
Rockland is the lobster capital of the world and people come here to try lobster in both traditional and unique ways. Both tourists and locals love the smoked lobster from Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster. Our personal favorite and best selling product is the Lobster Dip, which we serve over crackers or toast points. People are constantly commenting on how great the flavor is and asking how to get more! And, in the summer, they are often seen at our local Farmer’s Market, making it convenient to get the product. Robert and his family have done a great job with their new product. We love it!
— Larry Reed | Owner at The Pearl and Eclipse | Rockland
The Pearl, Rockland, Maine

The Pearl, Rockland, Maine